A great coffee in Paris? – Yes!

There are a number of great cafes in Paris serving the needs of travellers and locals. This of course wasn’t always the case and Paris deservedly had a reputation of superb cuisine which wasn’t matched with great coffee. Over the past 5 years or so entrepreneurs from overseas (particularly Australia and  New Zealand) have been pushing boutique coffee in all its wonderful forms. Here is a selection of destinations  when in Paris. There are of course more and more popping up and lists of cafes can be researched.Try here: http://www.goodcoffeeinparis.com/2012/12/kookaburra-sits-in-old-pigalle.html

 I like these: KB Cafe, Boot, Fragments, Craft, 10 Belles.P1320794.jpg

P1280801.jpgP1280796.jpgP1290341.jpgP1290331.jpgP1230352.JPGP1220231.JPGP1220726.JPGP1220731.JPGP1220230 2.JPGP1290347.jpgP1280814.jpgP1290111.jpgP1330487.JPG


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