Kangaroo Valley- NSW, Australia

A world away from busy Sydney, Kangaroo Valley lies about 2 hrs south in the Southern Highlands. A peaceful destination with rolling farmlands, natural bush and steep sandstone escarpments. The small village caters for the hungry tourists and those interested in vintage wares. The peace and beauty that comes with farmland and the natural environment cannot be underestimated as a great soother of the soul. Around the valley you will find quiet rivers and creeks, towering trees, long quiet lanes and windy roads with amazing  views around each hairpin corner. 

There are quite a few accommodation options including a motel, camping grounds, apartments and houses for rent. “Aunty Eileen’s” is a historic 3 bedroom house with a wrap around verandah and an enticing garden. Farm animals include friendly pigs, chickens, ducks, geese, goats and sheep guaranteeing the jaded city dweller with a true “country” experience. The vegetable garden and fruit trees are  for the use of  the guests providing  another of life’s simple pleasures- picking and eating fresh produce. The house is very comfortable with slow combustion wood fire heating and tasteful decorating touches. Reading and relaxing are absolutely obligatory in such surrounds.

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