Port Arthur – Tasmania, Australia

The Port Arthur penal station was established in 1830 although the area has been occupied for thousands of years by the traditional owners of the land the Pydairrermie people. This historic site is about 90 mins drive from Hobart on the far south east coast peninsula of Tasmania. The beautiful and peaceful  grounds  were once part of a convict built timber-getting camp. A community of military and free men and their families also lived in Port Arthur in contrast to the convict population.

The site can now be visited and a guided tour as well as a short harbour cruise are part of the entry fee. A variety of buildings can be explored including the Separate Prison, the Church, the  Dockyard, the Penitentiary as well as a number of important buildings from the township. The buildings were often built out of sandstone providing a golden glow to the backdrop of reforested hillsides. The deep harbour  and picturesque foreshore add to the impressive  scenery here. Port Arthur is a world heritage site full of stories and experiences that will capture the imagination of history buffs both young and old.



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