Light- let there be…

Stop me if you think that you’ve seen that shot before….

Let there be light.

Footpath to.. DSydneypegs1969Kangaroo Valley morningSeine- Pont des ArtsMontmartre, ParisSacre Coeur at dawnMoerkapelle, The NetherlandsVenice from Fusinanight shoppingBEAMBEAMlightsDen Haag tram stop Den Haag commuters, The Netherlands mixed grassesSelexyz bookstore cafe -Maastricht, The NetherlandsPont du Gard, FranceVaison la Romaine, FranceArles vintage shop, FranceBeach toesEiffel view, ParisJardin de Tuileries, Parisstop!Byron BayCinque Terre, ItalyBrugges, BelgiumAnnecy, France Poodle, Annecy, FranceSun burst cloudSunset Seed, Delft, The NetherlandsIlluminations, Sydney, AustraliaBalance, 1968Bistro, St Germain, ParisLavender sunlightAmsterdam, The NetherlandsTamarama Beach official, AustraliaMetro, ParisVeronaFlight pathVenice Giardini Venice eveningShaking  the sand off, Bilgola BeachEiffel Tower evening showSacre Coeur, Paris, FranceRome, ItalySt, Marys' Madonna and child illumination, SydneyDesigner shoes, Amsterdam, The NetherlandsChristmas tree handmade by my fatherGarda - ItalyAosta -main piazza


3 responses to “Light- let there be…

  1. I especially like the clothespin photo. Isn’t it funny how the right angle and lighting can make even the least interesting thing look exotic? Thanks for this post!

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