Madurodam is a theme park with working models and perfectly scaled structures of every well-known feature and icon in the Netherlands. It has been in operation for many years and has had only minor changes since I first visited there as an 11 year-old. Memories of chasing model trams and trains flood back but now there is a greater appreciation of the intricate engineering and precision needed to make this place work.

MIni Holland comes alive with canals, terraced houses, churches, markets, shipyards, an airport, dykes, amusement parks, football matches, outdoor  concerts, villages, outdoor cafes, railways… and yes even windmills. Major monuments and buildings from all parts of the Netherlands are represented here in perfect scale. This is not a tacky or cheap looking park, though it does  have a souvenir shop to rival the best in The Netherlands. Clog slippers anyone?

The multicultural squeals of children laughing and playing is the nostalgic soundtrack to any visit here.


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