Lola- Bike shop and cafe (Den Haag-The Netherlands)

Take a walk down Den Haag’s Noordeinde street. A narrow cobblestone street busy with bikes and pedestrians. Sitting among the art galleries and various cafes is a unique bike shop.

Lola cafe combines bikes with wonderful coffee. The bike workshop offers repairs and sales as well as interesting diversions such as books, magazines and cool furniture. There is a peaceful outdoor courtyard at the rear and a great industrial vibe in the main cafe. But it is the  special house blend of roasted beans and the great passion shown by the baristas that make this a cafe for coffee lovers and coffee geeks. A flat white (very Australian description) is a double shot espresso with silky steamed milk in a normal cup – not a giant mug.

It is (without exageration ) the best cup of coffee I have yet tasted, and a great surprise in the Netherlands which normally survives on standard filter coffee. Add a very good traditional apple tart with a crunchy caramelised short crust and fresh spicy apple filling, or a chocolate brownie and you have plenty of reason to linger.

I had two flat whites per visit for five days in a row! 

Cyclists wheeled their bikes straight inside and parked them on the polished concrete floor. Some sought the refuge of the courtyard or the quieter spaces further up into the mezzanine. Street side you can watch the traffic pass from inside the large window or sit right on the pavement and listen to tyres on the cobbles.

If you happen to be in Den Haag, this is a coffee destination. Don’t tell everyone.


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