Den Haag (the Hague) – The Netherlands

The third city of the Netherlands is also it’s greenest and possibly most grand. Wide avenues, tree-lined and peaceful, serviced by tramways and cycling lanes, and graced with huge mansions. The “binnenstad” or central part of the city is quite beautiful and home to palaces, 13th and 14th century churches, tiny canals and cobblestone streets. There is also the well-known and well-loved beach and retro boulevard of Scheyveningen. Bike-riding here is great fun, especially as the distances are quite small and bike paths are everywhere.


4 responses to “Den Haag (the Hague) – The Netherlands

    • Hi Suzanne, Den Haag is a bit off the radar when visiting the Netherlands. Most people visit only Amsterdam, but Den Haag is only a short train ride away. Not quite the same canal beauty but still a very nice destination. regards Peet

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