Architecture 2- Dominican Church Bookstore

In the city of Maastricht, at the very southern end of the Netherlands is this amazing renovated church. A chain bookstore Selexyz is responsible for this wonderful repurposed building. The central part of the church has been rebuilt with several levels of modern shelving whilst the church shell and interior walls/ceilings remain beautifully in tact.

Sitting in the cafe section looking back  through the quietly buzzing bookstore is a very uplifting experience, particularly when it is cold, grey and raining outside. For more information on Dominicanen Selexyz Maastricht  try


2 responses to “Architecture 2- Dominican Church Bookstore

  1. Thank you. We actually took quite a detour driving up to Amsterdam so that we could see this amazing church-book store. Maastricht is well worth a visit. Regards Peet

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