Vintage slides 2 1969-1973

Genuine vintage slideshow of people you probably don’t know. Or maybe you do…    Archival footage thanks Mum and Dad.                              Click on the pix to see the full carousel.                                                                                                                                                                                                     For more vintage slides go to these posts:                                                            


3 responses to “Vintage slides 2 1969-1973

  1. Yes, the vintage photos are great. After my father died last summer at the age of 92, I used my grief process to take ALL of the old black and white and all the old color photos in the albums, scan them, and put them on my computer and in an online album. My kids thought I was crazy, but my sisters and my cousins applauded my efforts to allow them to look back in time and relive those occasions. I think it is one of the best uses of my time ever. I also had the local camera store put old 8mm films in digitalized format. What a gift!

  2. Thank you. Great job to maintain the archives. I love crooked horizons, dust particles and faded colour, not to mention the fashion show. regards Peet

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