Weekly Photo Challenge – colour

My selection comes from my travel photographs. Interestingly I have done this challenge in earlier posts. I even colour-coded them. If you like check them out at:






I also found the “Street art of Sydney” one of the most colourful  series of photographs I have done:


and finally my personal favourite colourful series “Venice Washing lines”


Paris market Art Gallery, St Germain, Paris Montmartre, Paris Burano, Venice Burano, venice Gondola stop, Venice


7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – colour

  1. What an absolutely beautiful post! Let me know if you come to London to do some photography! My blog recommends weird and wonderful things to do in London, so if you’re looking for inspiration as to what to photograph, there are loads of really weird things on my site! 🙂

  2. I love your colourful photographs of the buildings. I love street photography, although I always have tendency towards black and white (as you can see on my blog – I love photographing big cities such as London or Glasgow) – but your use of colour is making me reconsider!

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