Sydney Inner West

This is my favourite part of Sydney. Newtown is the main suburb – King street the main thoroughfare, full of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. The Inner West is one of the original parts of Sydney and is full of terraced streets, little playgrounds, tree-lined avenues and tiny shopping villages. It has mostly been tidied up by several generations of renovators and many of the houses have survived the bulldozers of change. The Inner West is also home for many Uni students and so caters for diverse tastes in fashion, art, food and music.


5 responses to “Sydney Inner West

  1. I used to live down the road in Enmore, then Marrickville, then Annandale, then Leichhardt. I no longer can afford to live in the inner west unfortunately and miss it terribly!

    • Great area to live in or visit. I luckily moved here before it became so expensive. I love the character of the housing and the tiny green spaces, as well as the village shops, cafes, restaurants etc.
      regards Peet

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