Before Instagram… Sydney 1964-1972

Before instagram and before blogging and before mobiles/cell phones people took photographs on film or they had pictures developed as slides. I’ve inherited box loads of family archive slides from my parents. These square pieces of film mounted in cardboard or plastic borders could be viewed using a projector or a light box. The best way would be the projection onto a wall or a screen in order to get the full impact of our holiday shots. Showcasing a few 100 slides over the course of an evening was an event-the slide night… and we loved it. Not sure about friends and neighbours- possibly the equivalent of enforced home movies (weddings, holidays, christenings etc.)… but these were the original slideshows. You could put a whole group of slides in a rectangular box and slide them in and out of the projector or you could use the modern carousel which held more slides and rotated through the projector. Naturally my father was guided through the intricate process with much help from my mother. Often the slides would be sideways, upside down or in reverse which was greeted with much laughter or groaning depending at which stage of childhood we were at. I’ve left these slides in almost original condition; just a few contrast corrections but all scratches, dust particles,  and the odd crooked horizon remain in  tact. These are dated from about 1964- 1972 and feature the eastern coast of NSW, Australia. All photos taken by mum or dad.


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