The Bogey Hole, Newcastle – Australia

Newcastle is situated about 2 hours drive north of Sydney on Australia’s east coast. It was recently voted no 9. in Lonely Planet’s list of must-see destinations (Top 10 Cities to visit in 2011). “Its assets include surf beaches, dining, night life, arts and a unique blend of imagination and sophistication.”

The “Bogey Hole” was built by convicts, carved out of the ocean rock platform, in about 1820. Originally it served as a private pool for the Commandant of Newcastle. It gets battered by heavy seas and is often very dangerous during high tides or rough weather.

It is a beautiful spot and many locals will tell you that they swam there when they were young. It has recently been improved and now passes the safety test.

merewether sunriseMerewether rock platform soaring the bogey holehanging and gliding infinity poolpool detailconvict built fencingperfect divethe popular ocean pool P1130648 2dog photoshoot the Kombi

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