We’ve been lucky enough to travel by camper around western Europe on several trips. These modern motorhomes are luxurious compared to our first VW Kombi purchased in Holland in 1990. The campgrounds are usually very good and there are many websites to help research your destinations. We often only stayed for one or two nights as we were true travellers. Many Europeans seem to be destination campers – set up camp and stay for a week or four. We found some campgrounds closed early in Autumn- so September-October travel is worth carefully planning. We hired our campers from private owners in The Netherlands. A very economical and trouble-free alternative.

So this is a bit of a fashion shoot for our motorhomes. The locations are mostly obvious: Luxembourg campground, Northern Italy Alps, Levanto campground – Italy, Lake Garda campground – Italy, Lauterbrunnen campground – Switzerland, Mosel River – National Germany Day, The Netherlands countryside, small French village near the Loire Valley.


3 responses to “Campers

    • Hey Les,
      It was a beautiful kombi – bright orange, flower patterns on the seats, orange checked curtains, pivoting laminex faux wood table, pop-up roof, kitchenette with fridge, gas floor heater, 2 double beds and an unreliable clutch and starter motor.

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